We will sooner or later have to explain it to the children: America has elected for its President a man who openly disdains truth. And that he lies is the least of it. His behavior when his lies come to light is that he needn’t acknowledge or remark about them per se, as if perfidy is common to all and so everyone will understand and accept it. Also absent from his behaviors are kindness and honor, which are in the family of truth, and he makes no apology for that either. It’s worse than that he lies: he makes a point of lying. This man is abnormal. But even that is not the worst of it, here is the creepiest thing: his voters are meekly accepting without protest that he deliberately lied to them to get their votes, and they still want him. Knowing he never intended to do what they elected him to do, they still want him. THIS IS NOT NORMAL, I tell you. Beware. Beware.






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